Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Living on a prayer. Or a baked potato.

We were heading home from a ball game the other night and somehow started talking about manatees.

Cooper piped up that he had seen two manatees just that day on the playground.

Me: "A manatee?! You saw a manatee on the playground?"

Cooper: "Yep, two of them."

Me: "Manatees. You saw manatees."

Cooper (completely convinced): "Yes I did."

Me: "Describe these manatees to me."

Cooper: "They are green with this red stripe thing on their neck and legs everywhere."

Me: "You saw a PRAYING MANTIS."

Cooper: "Oh."

(For fear that nobody will get my blog title today....it's PRAYER for the praying mantis....and BAKED POTATO for the manatee.....cause manatees look like big baked potatoes....don't you think? Seriously, am I the only one that thinks that??....OK, forget it.....maybe that little title was too much of a stretch on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday....Just forget it....See you tomorrow...)

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

beckyjomama said...

You crack me UP!

JuJu said...

Sea cow with sour cream and chive, please?!

Kearsie said...

Dude. You should see the pictures from our vacation to Florida in March. I took a picture of a manatee, then when I put it on my blog I added the words "Not a baked potato".

We are so sympatico.