Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My nephew has The Swine. Poor kid. Has been very sick. Really. Very sick. When you call a fever of 102 one that is "trending downward", THAT is sick.

I do not want The Swine. Nor do I want my kids to get it.

But we can't help what we can't help.

And this Swine thing is really weird. And scary. And I'm trying not to flip out about it.

So I am obsessing over hand-washing. Seriously. I tell my kids to do it constantly. WASHYOURHANDS. WASHYOURHANDS. WASHYOURHANDS.

Plus I am a walking reminder to not touch your eyes, nose, mouth, face, other people, door handles, buggy handles, etc etc etc. QUITTOUCHING. QUITTOUCHING. QUITTOUCHING.

And I am a pusher of the hanitizer.....I have it everywhere. There is not enough hanitizer in the world people. I think my son actually coined the word "hanitizer". Hand + Sanitizer = Hanitizer. Whatever you want to call it kid, just use it.

Jordan reminded me yesterday that the top dispenser pushy thing on the hanitizer is probably the dirtiest thing ever. Girl has a point. So I rubbed some hanitizer on it.

I am also personally an Airborne junkie.

And have been known to spray a lot of Lysol. In the air. On things. At people.

So, people, let's arm ourselves to fight The Swine. I would give you a high five, but I don't want to touch your hand.

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JuJu said...

I hope everyone stays germ free. I'm sorry to hear your nephew has it, bless his heart. (and Connie's)

Tonya @ said...

Lu Lu calls it "hand tanisizer".

Praying for the nephew and family!

Kearsie said...

Might I recommend squirting hanitizer up your nose? My freak accident the other day has proven to be helpful in warding off The Swine.

beckyjomama said...

Poor little dude - you use the fire outta that hanitizer! And I am about to go pick some up for me too!

angie128 said...

When we were little and had been around someone who was sick, Mom would put Listerine on a q-tip and rub it in our nose. I remember that vividly.

Twila Bennett said...

Wondering what people think about their kids getting The Swine vaccination...I don't like that it hasn't been tested all that much, would it actually prevent this particular strain, etc. Zach is going in for a physical today and I am guessing dr. will push it. He had Type B flu last spring and was the sickest I have ever seen him in 11 years. He would not get better--scary stuff--so thinking of The Swine freaks me out. Opinions?

Twila Bennett said...

Here's an interesting article

angie128 said...

Wonder if anybody will still need the swine vaccine once it comes out in October??