Monday, October 12, 2009

I'll pass on the reality but thanks anyway

We are back from a great week at the beach. I am happy and rested and tan.

And now it is time for me to sing that little ditty called "Facing Reality after a Week Long Vacation at the Beach Really Stinks".

It is back to work for me today which stinks. The poor Captain had to work yesterday which stinks even more. The kids get one more day off which just makes them stinkers.

Here are some things I learned while on my vaca at the beach:

  • You can get very, very sunburned when it is very, very cloudy.

  • If you sit on the beach for an entire day and read a book, you get white marks on your neck from where you held your head down.

  • Teens & tweens still need to be connected to their social world outside of their vaca world.

  • Adults have no desire to be connected to their social world outside of their vaca world.

  • I can laugh so hard that I will pee in my pants.

  • If my son eats too much greasy food too fast, he will puke.

  • We are addicted to college football.

  • It is possible to become so disconnected that you really do not know what day it is.

  • I am very good at doing absolutely nothing.

OK people, I must forge ahead and head to work. But let the record show I am not in favor of it.

PS -- I may or may not have my bathing suit on under my clothes.

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w said...

glad you're back. and also. if you're wearing your swim suit, i hope you don't chafe.