Saturday, October 24, 2009


My week. On Twitter. When I do this, I realize how much I tweet about sports. And the weather. And how much I probably should be on meds.

~ ~ ~

My Hogs are taking on the Gators today. In the swamp. I think I'm scared.

Seven year olds chest bumping after scoring a soccer goal is hilarious.

Hello Mr. Tebow. We are the Arkansas defense. Nice to meet you.

I may or may not have just screamed so loud watching this Arkansas game that I scared my dog.

If I were talking about it, I'd tell you how sad I am that my Hogs lost. But I'm not talking about it.

Anybody else think those Titans throw back Oiler jerseys are a jinx this season?

I am sad for you Titans.

Licking some envelopes and hoping I do not meet the same fate as George Costanza's fiance.

The early bird sees the meteor shower.

Just waved and waved to an unmarked squad car I thought was being driven by the Captain. It wasn't. {Sorry Officer sir...}

Annnnnnnnnnnnd.....the Yankees failed to clinch last night

Nine weeks from today is Christmas. You're welcome.

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