Monday, November 23, 2009

23 on the 23rd

Random thoughts for you on this lovely Monday. I have numbered this list, but am not in any way trying to imitate or be confused with the award winning Keyboard Confessions from Sounds like Tomatoes. I hope Kearsie doesn't sue me and take me to blog court.

1. The Ole Miss / LSU game on Saturday was a wild one.

2. Les Miles is an idiot.

3. I bought 7 Christmas gifts this weekend.

4. If you'll recall, I have to have all gifts for the Captain's side of the family purchased and wrapped by this Friday.

5. Most of the gifts I bought this weekend were for MY side of the family.

6. We will exchange our gifts on Christmas.

7. That does not compute.

8. I want to see The Blind Side.

9. I have no desire to see New Moon.

10. If Chevre cheese were a person, I would marry it.

11. I can't wait to eat my mom's dressing on Thursday.

12. I usually eat more dressing for dessert instead of pie.

13. Although Connie makes this great buttermilk pie.

14. So I will probably have dressing and pie for dessert.

15. I raked four huge piles of leaves on Saturday.

16. The bratty kid across the street came over and kicked them all over the yard before I could bag them.

17. I told him he could come back on Sunday and re-rake them for me.

18. I am the meanie mom in the neighborhood.

19. But hey - I'm practically the only mom who is out there involved with the kids.

20. So I can fuss at them if I want to.

21. Somebody has to teach them something.

22. Three days until I have Mom's dressing...

23. Lotta' talk about food on this post today...

Happy Monday people!

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

What is Mom's special ingredient??

Kearsie said...

I would skip Blog Court if I could come over for Thanksgiving and chill out with you and the Connster. Maybe I'll set up a webcam and spy on you. Or not, because that's really creepy.

But I will definitely go by Sonic soon and get a Lemon Berry Slush in your honor.