Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy? Who's Crazy?

I'm experiencing various levels of freakingoutedness this week.....

I'm nutsy busy at work wrapping up the final details for a big party I'm putting together for my company. We're celebrating our centennial this year and having quite a large shindig this Saturday night. Just a small, intimate gathering of 400 people. No big deal.

AND Cooper came down with some fevery, coughy, stuffy nosey thingy over the weekend which I thought may have hit the road (thank goodness) until he woke up last night at 2:45 crying because his ear hurt (shoot) (And yes, I've been awake ever since....SLEEP?! Who needs it?),

AND I have two non-work related board meetings two nights this week,

AND I have some sort of pinched nerve thing in my shoulder which is making my arm kind of tingly (which I'm thinking can't be a good thing),

AND the Captain is headed out of town (again) for four days,

AND I am wearing a goldish color sweater today with a white blouse and black pants and I have just realized I look like Charlie Brown. Good Grief.

It's all good.

I can handle this.

No problem.

I just need a brown paper bag to breathe in every once in awhile.

5 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

I think your outfit sounds delightful!

Hang in there mama!!

Kearsie said...

If I was there, I would be your assistant in the potty planning, with crepe streamers in hand.

I would read your child Junie B. Jones books, because I don't care how old you are, they will make you laugh.

I would rub your shoulder and feed you Motrin.

and I would even let you hold my Edward doll.

beckyjomama said...

BUT - you do not have a big round head, so ....

No, YOU have a perfectly LOVELY shaped head ... it jsut has a LOT of stuff goin on in there. For which I shall be in prayer.


Anonymous said...

I am not leaving for 4 days

Tammy said...

I have an idea....how about a Brown Paper Bag App for the iPhone?! Yea!

Your party will be GREAT!