Saturday, November 28, 2009

The week de la Twitter

Thanksgiving week edition of Twitter. Read this and then go put up your tree, or go shopping, or something holiday-ish like that.

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Son just asked for some "Salt Berry Steak" for dinner. Thinking he means "Salisbury Steak".

Dear Weekend: Please don't run off. I feel like we didn't spend very much time together.

“Those icicles have been known to kill people.” ~ Mrs. Parker in "A Christmas Story"

Noddin' my head like yeah....

Breakfast for dinner = Yummy.

So what you're saying is....Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday? Hmmmmm.

Coworker just brought donuts. No point in trying to be good today right? Since it's Thanksgiving Eve and all....

Heading to the grocery store shortly. If I don't make it out alive, I love you all....

Trying to get Daughter to quit eating the little french fried onion thingies that go in the green bean casserole

I should be cooking. But I'm watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

I should be cooking. But I'm watching the parade.

Warning: Objects in kitchen are sharper than they appear.

Stomach = full. Heart = full.

Full. Still. Football. Still.

Thank you @connie423 for leaving the leftover buttermilk pie yesterday. The Captain & I just polished it off.

Today I must Roll the Tide.

Ummmm, Alabama? Hello??

Heading to have thanksmas with the captains family. Or is it chrisgiving? Its turkey. And presents. And some football.

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