Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twitter blah blah blah

It appears that my tweets this week consisted of sports, weather, and food.

~ ~ ~

Christmas Decorating + Lots of Football = Today

Dear Hogs: Please start playing. Thank you.

Hogs. Please.

Hogs must stop them now.

Hold. On. To. The. Ball

I may or may not be about to pee on the captains grandmothers couch.


The only thing worse than my having to go back to work tomorrow was the Captain having to go back to work today. :(

I've got the CBS College Football Theme Song stuck in my head. And that's ok.

The air conditioning is on in my office. I'm freezing. And I want some pie.

Monday Night Football. Go Saints. The End.

Nice to have something for dinner tonight that does not contain "Cream of Anything" or have chopped pecans & brown sugar on top.

Three weeks from today is Chrismas Eve? No way.

The weather outside is frightful. It is not delightful.

Dear Weatherman: Lows in the 20's tonight? Seriously?

I may or may not have just driven the wrong way through a fast food drive thru window.

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