Friday, December 4, 2009

I'd like a chicken sandwich please...

I had a meeting last night after work and decided to grab a bite on my way.

I whipped into Back Yard Burger and pulled on up through the entrance to the drive thru.

Which ran right up along side the building.

That's when I saw the window.

With the man standing in there.

At the cash register.


Thought that was weird.

But kept driving on through.

That's when I saw the menu board order station thingy.

On the passenger side of my car, angled away from me and facing the opposite direction.


Thought that was weird too.

That's when I realized that some Back Yard Burgers have TWO drive thru windows.

One on each side of the building.

And I had driven through one of them.

The wrong way.

I texted Bingmama and the Captain. "I just drove the wrong way through the Back Yard Burger drive thru."

Captain's response (as if I did this on purpose!): "Why did you do that?"

Bingmama's response: "That is hilarious. They'll be talking about you all night."


My chicken sandwich was good though....

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JuJu said...

This is one of those times when we realize our cool factor has slipped SO beyond our control.

I still think you're nifty.

beckyjomama said...