Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday. Twitter.

Today's Twitter recap is dedicated to Kearsie over at Sounds Like Tomatoes who said she would know she had made it when she was mentioned in the weekly Twitter recap. This is the same Kearsie who I actually beat once this week playing Words with Friends....a feat that will never happen again I'm sure....

So Kearsie....this one's for you.....I guess you've made it.

~ ~ ~

Just heard a song that reminded me of happier times. Which made me happy. And sad.

I'm so totally over all this dog hair.

Brett. Favre.

I put my Special K bar in the same desk drawer as my Bounce lint roller. Big mistake. It tasted like a vanilla flavored dryer sheet.

The Captain is trying to fix dryer. It's in 304,297 pieces in my garage. Wet laundry spread on patio furniture in the sun. I'm Ma Ingalls.

Bad news: Dryer can't be fixed. Worse news: Neighbor kid just put a golf ball through Son's bedroom window.

And for the record, when a window is broken by a flying golf ball, glass goes EVERYWHERE.

Dear Monday: You've done enough damage. Move along.

It's pouring rain. And I hope it isn't coming in my attempted-to-tape-it-up-until-it-can-get-fixed-but-it's-still-broken window.

Dear Weatherman: If you could hold off the impending monsoon until I get my window fixed, I'd really appreciate it.

Banana cake counts as a fruit right?

Cue Charlie Brown teacher voice ... wah wah wah wah wah

I have extreme affection for index cards.

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