Monday, January 4, 2010

Thriller. Chiller.

Saturday night.

Liberty Bowl.

Arkansas Razorbacks.

Victorious in overtime.

Wooooo Pig Soooooie!

We had a ball!

We also froze our patooties off.

It was cold. No, seriously. It was stinking cold. Like temperatures in the 20's cold.

I had on 18 layers of clothes. I used about 23 hand warmers. I had those babies stuck just about everywhere I could stick 'em.

But my toes froze. Froze toes. I still can't feel my feet.

It was my kids' first "real" football game - other than a high school game. Cooper asked where the yellow line on the field was. Ummmm, that's just on TV kid.

Poor kicker for ECU. Missed two FG's in the last minute to win. Then he had another shot in OT. No go. Felt sad for him. Jordan was kind of hoping he'd pull one of them off in regulation so we could go home. Even though she didn't want the Hogs to lose. Girl was shivering.

And in the end, the Hogs pulled it off.

I was jumping up and down. Partly because I was excited. Partly because I was freezing.

Did I mention it was cold?

Yes, that's me under all of that....

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Kearsie said...

You have really pretty eyeballs.

beckyjomama said...

How cute are your little eyeballs stickin outta there!!!

JuJu said...

Ditto on the eyeballs and eyebrows!

What a great memory for you, and I LOVE this pic!

w said...

maybe you would've been warmer if you zipped up.

how do we know that's really you? it's not like you have a lightning bolt scar to distinguish you.