Friday, January 15, 2010

Cracking up at the Crack up

Captain (as I was leaving for work): Bye. Have a good day.

Will you just meet me at Lake S. (local "behavioral health facility") or are you going to ride with me in the ambulance?

Captain: *sigh*

Oh wait - will I go in an ambulance or a squad car?

Captain: Depends on your condition at the time. You are a special case (This is where he started laughing - which I thought was pretty inconsiderate considering I was cracking up and all) -- You are a special case -- in more ways that one.

If I go in a squad car, would I have to ride in the back or could I ride in the front?

Captain: Again, depends on your condition. We may be able to work something out so you could avoid the trip to the hospital and just go straight to Lake S.

That would be nice.

Captain: *silence*

This is going to put you in an awkward situation -- when I call dispatch and all to tell them I'm cracking up. And then you and your guys will have to come get me. And that could just get a little weird.

Captain: Yeah, it could be a bit embarrassing for me.

I'm sorry about all that. Wait - would I call or should somebody else call for me? Should Bingmama call? Or should she just call your cell? Maybe we can just send you a text.

Go to work.

See you at Lake S.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

Christy said...

Hi Angie... Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment so that I could come visit yours! I haven't heard of the ice cubes being flushed down the toilet before but I know my boys will probably love that idea!

Have a great day!

Kearsie said...

You're cracking up? I've got some tape. It taste real good. Especially when I put paperclips in my ears and say the word "badonkadonk" over and over.

...I might be cracking up too. Badonkadonk.

w said...

what if. what if you're already at lake s. and all this - all this is your over-active imagination.

be well.

Momma Roar said...

LOL!! Lost it at W's comment :-D