Saturday, January 16, 2010


Alas. No college football today. I will settle for some NFL playoffs and college hoops.

I've got the urge to purge.

Making chili cause it's...well, you know...chilly.

Our utility bill will probably be $395,280 this month.

It's 9. And I don't mean o'clock.

Everything seemed so backwards. That's when I realized my contact lens was inside out.

I'm not going to Hollywood. I'm going to bed.

Today must be National Pull Out In Front Of @angie128 Day. And everybody is observing it.

Coffee. Stat.

I just got stuck in the elevator. Don't worry. I'm out now.

Anybody seen my car keys?

Yabba Dabba Doo!

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Just Mom said...


Yeah, I shudder to think what my utility bill will be this month. I'm praying for no more subzero temps.

w said...

i missed the "national pull out in front of @angie128" day.

lame. i'll have to mark my calendar for next year.

Kearsie said...

I will know I've made it when I'm mentioned in your weekly Twitters.