Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life. It Rocks. And Rolls.

Yesterday I was at the dentist with Cooper where he was getting a very stubborn baby tooth pulled.

I got a call that a TV station was interested in covering a pitch I had made. Hooray!

They wanted to interview the physician about his upcoming medical mission trip to Haiti. Yippee!

In the next hour. Challenge.

That was about the time Cooper reappeared in the waiting room with his poor little swollen gauze-packed mouth and post-nitrous eyes.

As best I can remember, the convo went something like this....

"Hi Dr. A. ...Yes they want to do a story about your Haiti trip.....Keep the gauze in there please baby....They would send a crew in about an hour....I know it hurts. It will feel better soon....They are interested in how many of your partners are going there and what you'll be doing....Yes the Tooth Fairy will come tonight....I appreciate your doing this on such short notice.....No sweetie, that's not blood, it's just drool...."

Later Cooper tells me his heart was hurting and beating very fast. Great, my kid is having a heart attack from having a tooth pulled. (No worries there though people. I called the dentist back and got an explanation about that.)

Oh and go ahead and factor in some other stuff too...

Like a family situation involving my 96 year old great aunt who was suddenly hospitalized this week. Yes, Monday during the snow storm. Remember that? Where we got 6" of "no accumulations expected"? Yeah, that day. It involved 6 very smart, calm, handsome EMTs who can drive an ambulance through a sleet storm. It also involved my little great aunt who was trying to drink hot tea from her pulse oximeter and was also seeing kittens on the ceiling. That was an emotionally exhausting day. Plus, the ER is an incredibly nasty place. I later took (as Connie put it) a scalding "Silkwood Shower" and burned my clothes.

Jordan needs to dress up like a medieval character, a super hero and a nerdy school kid this week. Cooper is supposed to dress like a detective today.

I've been helping Connie do some brainstorming as she ramps up her own business. Very exciting stuff here people.

Then there's just the other stuff that I can't seem to get away from....Like feeding my family and washing their laundry. They have grown accustomed to food and clean clothes apparently. The nerve.

I just read where Captain Phil from Deadliest Catch died. Hate that.

And I'm totally missing my daddy these days.

But -- guess what?! The Olympics start this weekend and I'm. Totally. Psyched.

It appears the Tooth Fairy did make an appearance.

Both of my kids emptied their piggy banks (their own, unprompted decision) for the school Haiti fundraiser projects. *sniff*

And they are finally going back to school today.

So's all good. It's life. And that's how it rolls. And think how boring this blog would be without all these exciting stories.

Peace out people. Thanks for hitting my blog today!

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JuJu said...

Dang, I thought Cap'n Phil was recovering nicely. (that's what TMZ was reporting.) I'm sad to hear that news.
I hope your aunt will soon be feeling better. Although, I think seeing kittens on the ceiling is a good thing.
Hang in there baby. Friday's coming!

Momma Roar said...

You sound like you need a snickers!