Thursday, March 25, 2010

MawMaw Eva

I saw this obit in the paper yesterday.

And yes, I read the obituaries.....
Seriously, this lady lived to be 111. ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN.

That means she was born in 1899.

And check out all the limbs on her family tree. And those are just the ones that are still living.

1 sister.

7 kids.

54 grands.

153 great-grands.

94 great-great-grands

13 great-great-great-grands

That's 322 family members. Mercy me. That's just....Great. And Grand.

Think about how big their dinner table must be at Christmas. Guess they have to rent out a big fellowship hall thing. And surely they draw names for gifts.

I told Bingmama we should go to this lady's funeral.

She said we had better get there early cause there won't be a seat!

In other news....

I have been a day ahead of myself all week and I almost wished all of you a good weekend.

Oh well, whatever day it is, make it a good one.

And fire up the brackets cause basketball starts back up tonight. Yes!

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Oh, I do love the obits. They are the best reading in the paper!

Bless MawMaw Eva and her brood.

connie said...

Can you imagine the stories she could fabulous!!

Kearsie said...

I'll bet kids would come up and be all "I'm your great great great grandchild!" and she would be all "what's your name?"

Also, what a fantastic legacy.

w said...

i read the garage sale ads. close enough?