Thursday, March 18, 2010


One morning last week, the Captain brought me his iPhone.

Captain: I have something I want you to listen to.

I thought it was a voice mail or something. Wrong.

Captain plays the "message" which was actually a recording....

Of me.....

Snoring. Breathing very deep.

Me: {GASP!} Is that me?!?!?

Captain: Yep, last night.

You RECORDED me??!?!!?!?!

Captain: Yep. Snoring.

Me: I am not snoring. I have a cold.

Captain: Whatever.

Me: Really. I can hardly breathe right now while I'm awake. Much less while I'm laying down asleep. I'm sick. See?? {sniff sniff}

The recording just keeps going.....

You taped me!?!?? FOR TWO MINUTES?! That is NOT snoring.

Captain: What is it then?

It'''s...It is very deep breathing.

What's the difference?

I'll show you. Just give me a night or two.

Game on Captain.

Nighty night.

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