Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mission

My Saturday afternoon featured a shopping trip with my daughter.

My "6-weeks from being an official teenager" daughter.

The mission?

She needed a new pair of jeans.

Simple enough. Right?

A pair of jeans.

Think again.

We went to four stores.

And looked at 305,172 pair of jeans.

Of those, only 49,240 of those made the cut and made it to the dressing room.

I did my best to achieve this simple jean-buying mission....

How about these?


Did you see these?

These are cute.

Try these on.

What about these?

My suggestions were met with responses that sounded like this:

Mom. MOM!!! MOM!!!!!

I must not know jeans.

Some were too dark.

Some were too light.

The wrong color.

A funny color.

A yucky color.

They were too baggy.

Too floppy in the legs.

Too saggy in the front.

The pockets looked weird.

The stiching was ugly.

For those of you who felt the earth shake about 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and just thought it was an aftershock in Chile, you were mistaken.

That, my friends, is when ... She. Found. Some. Jeans.

{Cue angelic singing}

I, who was not even looking for some new jeans, had no problems. I walked right up to a big ol' display of jeans. Seriously - one whole wall of jeans. Picked up a pair. Tried them on. And bought them. On the spot. The end. Maybe it's not so hard cause I am looking for "Wide Circumference Mom Jeans" and she is looking for "Cool Cute Tweenager Jeans".

Anyway, jeans were purchased.

And they were quite reasonably priced. (aka: Didn't resemble a car payment.)

And even though Levi Strauss rolled over in his grave more than once that afternoon, we all lived happily ever after.

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JuJu said...

Oh, do I feel your pain. We have been down this same path more than I care to say!
A great on line place: Alloy. The jeans are skinny enough for these whippersnappers, and the prices are reasonable.

Oh, the teen years. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

When you and Connie were teenagers, shopping was just the same as you described. Then I started going shopping alone. I would spread out what I had bought each of you on your bed. Most of the time you were happy with what I had selected and you didn't have all the other choices in the store in front of you. It also became something you appeared to look forward to. You would come home, put your books down and then both of you would hurry to your room to see what Mom had gotten that day. We did return sometimes, but this did work most of the time. And, as the story goes - we all lived happily ever after. As your dad always said - what goes around, comes around.

w said...

i love jeans. it takes me a while to find the right ones, though. mainly because i've got the hottest little bod- oh whatever. i'm short. and it's hard to find jeans for short people.

Kearsie said...

Tell you daughter I understand.


angie128's loving, caring daughter said...

i got home and i dont even like the jeans... time to go shopping again mom!