Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tweetie Tweet Tweet

It's Saturday. Hooray. And that's when we have our weekly Twitter review.

Son just called me from home. Asked how to put the vacuum together. I am scared.

Just taught a friend how to play Words with Friends. She promptly played 'havarti' for 61 points. I was schnuckered.

Poppyseed chicken casserole. The trusty "what am I going to cook for dinner" dinner.

Playing Monopoly. I am the shoe.

Dear Weatherman: Why use a barometer when you could just use my head?

My node id dopped up.

Really wish I could watch my TIgers play right now. But may be for best as it appears it could lead to some sort of cardiac demise for me.

Oh Tigers.... I'm stunned, sad, sick.

My March Madness just turned into March Sadness.


I wish my eye would stop twitching

My eye is still twitching. And I am still sneezing. That about sums it up.

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