Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Visit to Randomville

Target was sold out of Cadbury mini-eggs yesterday.
That's probably a good thing.
I need a haircut.
I watched Idol last night.
Seemed kind of blah.
Except for Usher.
He is not blah.
The temperatures this week start with 8's.
It's lovely.
Thank you Weatherman.
Cherry trees in bloom are so pretty.
I'm glad I don't have allergies.
The Captain has allergies.
I really need a haircut.
I continue to be obsessed with Words with Friends.
I am embarrassed to tell you how many games I am playing.
I also count points in my head when people say certain words.
Like 'fez' and 'jive'.
Not that you hear those words every day, but still.
I have issues.
I have been one day ahead of myself all week.
But I'm off this Friday so I guess it doesn't matter.
I made cupcakes for Bingmama's birthday party.
They turned out yucky.
It made me sad.
I need a mani and a pedi.
And a haircut.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Cameron and Rachel said...

Here is my randomness comment:

I feel for the Captain on the allergies...i have them.

You and my sister should meet she is addicted to Words with Friends.

I could use a pedi too.

Enjoy your 4 day week!

w said...

i don't do nails.

send me a cupcake. i'll tell you if it's worthy or not.