Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was only a matter of time

So yesterday morning I had a total come apart. I get like that. It happens. When I feel like I have soooo many things going on. It's just one little thing that will set me to crying. And yesterday was the day. Because I almost burned the cinnamon rolls.

Poor Captain.

He just sat there.

And after all these years didn't know if he needed to hug me or leave me alone.

When he probably was just wishing he had never asked me out on that second date.

And when I try to tell him all the things I have to do, it sounds so ridiculous.

I'm sobbing.

Saying things like,

"Go buy some more coffee."

"Give Jordan $5 for the church dinner."

"Lug that stuff over to the place and set up for that expo tomorrow."

"Pay the phone bill."

It's all stupid stuff like that.

And then he just kind of sits there.

And feels sorry for me.

And no doubt feels sorry for himself.

And continues to wish he had never asked me out on that second date.

And he says something like this,

"Gravy woman. I love you."

And that makes me cry even more.

But there really is a lot going on this week.

And no, I'm not winking at you.

When I am stressed and have stuff going on, my eye twitches.

It's not very becoming.

But I can't help it.

It twitches in direct proportion to my stress level and the length of my to do list.

It's a fascinating little correlation actually.

But quite annoying.

And again, not very flattering. Cause I look like I've got some sort of neurological disorder.

Wonder how many old folks I'll pick up at the expo today because they will think I'm winking at them.

"Hi. Would you like a pen?"



Actually I need to find somebody who has a booth with electrical power and twitch at them so they will let me borrow some juice to keep my iPhone charged up so I can play Words with Friends stay on top of my work email.

Come see me at the expo today.

I'm in booth 304.

Or maybe it's 803.

I can't remember.

Just look for the gal who is passing out pens while she cries and twitches.

I'm sure to draw a crowd.

Peace out people.

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JuJu said...

I'm guessing that in addition to all that is on your plate, that you're letting all that emotion out after the sad couple weeks you had.

Any way it gets out is good.

good luck today, and sending hugs and pens your way! (not really on the pens)

Kearsie said...

I received this awesome package in the mail? And it was kind of heavy? And my kids were standing next to me when I opened it? And a whole bunch of little spoons were inside? Yeah. And I laughed and laughed. And my kids stared and stared. And then fought over the spoons.

*giving great big hugs*

Thank you, sweet friend! Also, I've never owned a Rolex before.

Steve said...

I have no idea what expo it is, but any expo with a winking girl passing out pens can't be all bad.

w said...

you may call it a twitch. but i'm gonna go ahead and believe that you're winking at me. because you like me.