Thursday, April 8, 2010

Math ala JuJu

Angie's blog + tired brain - creative thoughts = no blog ideas

JuJu's post about math equations + stolen idea = Angie's post for the day

Target - Cadbury minieggs = disappointment

Angie + Cadbury minieggs = big hips

March Madness - Kentucky = Hahahahaha

Butler + hail Mary shot at buzzer - successful basket = heartbreaker game

Angie + hormones = unstable mess

iPhone + Words with Friends = addiction

Jordan + trip to dentist for filling - last stubborn baby tooth extracted = sore, puffy mouth and slightly cranky girl

Cooper + 80 degree sunny days = happy, stinky boy

crossword puzzle - pencil + pen = bliss

Teenage girls + teenage girls + teenage girls = drama + drama + drama

Me + Bingmama + 13 days + Nashville = Bon Jovi concert

All right people. That about sums it up. Get it? Sums it up? It's a math post....SUMS it up?



4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

You are going to Bon Jovi????? How c o o l are you!! Are you going to be Living on a Prayer???

Kearsie said...

Ooohhh!! Think of me when Mr. Jovi sings You Give Love a Bad Name!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Jon and the boys a couple of years ago, in Nashville, and hold on to your heart. It was fantastic. You won't sit down at all. Dennese

w said...

this was one of the most difficult posts i've ever read.