Friday, May 28, 2010

It's hottish

Good news. Our house didn't catch on fire.

Good news. The electician came and fixed our problem.

Good news. It didn't cost a fortune.

Bad news. Our breaker box had enjoyed a small fire at one unidentifiable point in time.

Good news. Our house didn't catch on fire whenever that happened. Seriously.

Bad news. We have to have a whole new air conditioner because it burned up over night on Wednesday....

Good news. Our house didn't catch on fire.

Bad news. Air conditioners aren't cheap. CHOKE.

(I think if the Captain and I each sell a kidney, that could really help toward the cost of the A/C. We can live with just one kidney. How much is a kidney going for these days? Somebody check eBay for me....)

Worse news. We won't get the new unit until the end of next week.

So right now we are without air downstairs.

I'm not going to lie to you. It's hot.

I met the Captain outside when he got home last night. He said, "You're glistening."

Which is really a nice way of saying, "You have sweat running down your face."

Now, this isn't a complete disaster because we have a separate A/C unit upstairs for the playroom and spare bedroom.

So we gathered all our toys last night and headed up there to sleep. But when we went up there for the night, we discovered that the electrical problem apparently fried our TV and our Wii. Hmmmmmm.

So, we have air upstairs, but no TV. Which isn't too bad.

Last night, the Captain and I read while the kids watched I Love Lucy DVDs on the laptop. (Yes, I have raised them to realize and appreciate the finer things in life. )

We are fine upstairs. It will work. It's cool air. Although I may have to somehow remedy the TV situation if we are going to be living up there for another week.

Now downstairs is a different story.

It's a bit warmish.

It's Box Fan City.

I have five fans going. (Thanks Mom, for the fan-loaning!)

The TV is so loud over the hum of the fans I think you can hear it from the street.

Current temperature in my den is 78. Which is already up three degrees since I got up. Yesterday's high temperature was 85 with a heat index of 107.

Winds calm with box fans gusting up to 3 mph.

Tempers hovering at 27%, but I anticipate these will be rising as the weekend progresses.

All in all, it's not a great situation, but it's not an awful situation either.

We're just a little inconvenienced.

And hot.

And glistening.

And running around in our underwear.

Enjoy your long weekend people. Think cool thoughts for me!

Peace. Out.

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JuJu said...

I am sweating just reading this.

I hope you find a nice cool swimming pool this weekend!

(and thank goodness your house didn't catch on fire!)

Just Mom said...

My hubby and I used to live in an apartment without air conditioning when we were newlyweds. That apartment got super hot during the summer. I headed to the mall every day. :-D

Kearsie said...

Here is where I recommend wasting time in air conditioned havens like

a) Walmart
b) the library
c) Barnes and Noble

And stop by Sonic from 2-4 pm for slushes.

robyn said...

that is horrible.
being hot makes me VERY cranky, irrational, short fused, and irritable. some people are okay with it.
i. am. not.
good luck surviving! time to break out sprinklers!
and the good news is it is not august!