Saturday, May 29, 2010


Most of this week's Twitters were directly related to the fact that we have no air conditioning and we are burning up. The end.

I just did that 30 Day Shred exercise thing. Somebody call me an ambulance. I'll wait right here on the floor.

I don't watch Lost.

The torrential rain has ceased. I'm glad I didn't leave my car windows cracked open as much as @bingmama did.

Dear College Football: HURRY UP!!!

I don't watch 24 either.

I do, however, watch Law and Order.

You know how you can tuck in all the flaps on a cardboard box and make it close? I can't do that.

Whatever happened to Holly Hobbie?

Our home alarm is messed up and is beeping. And our air conditioner is out. So here we are. In the beeping hot.

What do you mean it's going to beep until tomorrow at 11:00 am when somebody can come fix it?

Oh and my cell phone number is printed on some For Rent signs. So I'm getting a lot of inquiries about my apparent rental property.

In other news, the alarm beeping finally stopped. But the heat index in the house continues to rise.

The air conditioner fixer man cometh! The air conditioner fixer man cometh!

Have been told the four scariest words ever: "You need an electrician."

We are having some major electrical problems going on at our house. I am seeing dollar signs. I just don't want to see fire trucks.

Good news: Electrical problem minor and fixed. Bad news: New A/C for us. Mucho dinero.

Worst news: A/C not put in until NEXT Friday. No air until then. Maybe we'll head over to @connie423 's house.

If the Captain and I each sell a kidney, we may be able to pay for the new air conditioner.

I love spiral notebooks.

Lettuce ruins a good salad.

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Momma Roar said...

You could really have some fun with the apartment phone calls! :D

Have a great weekend!

HVAC Man said...

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