Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Say *yawn* cheese!

It's time again at our church to have our pictures made for the directory. Groan.

It's just so...painful.

I HATE HATE HATE to have my picture made. Especially something very "professional" like this. A posed thing. And the photographer makes you say stupid stuff like "fuzzy pickles". Erg. Shut up. That's so stupid. And really doesn't make anybody smile.

The church directory thing is fascinating. Many families try to color coordinate their clothes. Like various shades of green or blue. Black and white combos. Some do the matchy matchy outfit thing. We have usually attempted to at least have some sort of "compatible hue" thing.

Cooper told me last weekend that he wanted to wear his Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals jersey for the picture. I'm a Cardinals fan and all, but am thinking no on this one.

The last time we had our picture made, we all wore white. That's easy enough. Well, it wasn't really allll of us. The Captain was in Quantico for six years four months at that fancy policey school. So it was just me and the kids. We should have photo-shopped him in there.

Anyway, as if the clothes color decision thing isn't enough, we have just had trouble finding a time when all four of us were in the same place at the same time. Easier typed than done.

We've had baseball games, volleyball practice, work, hunting trips -- you name it, it's been going on and has prevented us from being able to get our picture scheduled.

After checking all 384 available openings in March, April & early May, it appeared that this Saturday would work! Hooray! Lucky us. It's the last day they are taking pictures. Nothing like sliding in under the wire. So 10 weeks ago, I plugged in our little party of four.

Then last week, the Captain says he is going to be deep-sea fishing in Florida for four days out of town this weekend.


So he starts looking for any open spot this week on the picture taking calendar website thing that would work.

Monday night at 7:00? Nope, Jordan and I were going to the high school graduation.

Tuesday afternoon at 3:15? Ummmm, kids. School.

Tuesday night at 8:45? WHA??? Eight forty-five??? No way.

Yes way.

At that time of night, both kids are in bed. And I'm pretty close. Usually sporting some lovely Curious George pajama pants, glasses, no make up, and a big clippy in my hair.

But that's the only time that's open.

So tonight at 8:45 PM (PM stands for NIGHT in case you were unclear about that little detail) we will be getting our picture made.

OK, we can make that happen. We can stay dressed -- and more importantly -- stay awake and go get our picture made.

Then, I found out last night that I have to attend and present at a board meeting at work tonight.


So now guess who may not make it for the picture? Or who will be going straight from a 13-hour work day to pose for the portrait? And guess who sometimes gets real red and splotchy on her neck when she has to give a presentation? You guessed it.... moi.

Hopefully I'll get out of the meeting in time to swing home, grab my kids, brush my hair, and head to church meet the Captain. Who will be on duty.

So at this point, we'll be doing good just to be there. Much less color coordinated. I'm sure we'll be the only family in the directory not wearing matching outfits or compatible shades of teal.

We'll be the yawning family who is sporting pajamas, a Pujols jersey, a police uniform, and a case of the hives.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

and it will be the MOST realistic picture in the entire directory!

JuJu said...

And no doubt, someone will have their eyes crossed.

Good luck!! (and, we MUST see the results!)

Steve said...

We had our turn last year. And we never bother with all that color coordinating stuff. At least, I never do, because my only choice is my one dark gray suit. Everyone else can coordinate to me if they need to.

But everyone just looks at Jaylin anyway. What? There are two other people in the picture?