Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I went back thru my phone and looked at some old text messages that went back and forth between me and each of these highly textable invididuals: Connie, the Captain, Jordan and Bingmama.

In context, they all make perfect sense.

Which is more than I can say for them when they are out of context.

We be crazy.

Do you look like Marge Simpson or a B52?

How was the jumping thing?

Well, if he stays, then he has to stay.

She gets around doesn't she?

The elevator doors won't close! Where are the stairs?

Why did he want to kill you?

I wish I had a weather radio.

Tell Molly I want some bacon.

We just saw a dead hobo laying on the sidewalk with people all around.

He is a complete jerk idiot stupidhead. I'm keeping this clean in case your kids read this.

I do believe there is foley etiquette that should be followed.

Betty White is in Booth 102.

How is your chicken?

Just blobs. It will be fine.

She was crying and screaming and saying 'Which way is north?!' and grabbing me. It was bad.


Seriously. Who still pays with a check???

Ooooohhhh! Does that make us special agents?

I just ate half a pound of gator and two pounds of crawfish. I'm full and sleepy.


The good news is we found the glasses. The bad news is we are out of coffee.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

I love it. It's your own little language with those you love.

I'm guessing the Captain ate the gator?

w said...

text me! text me!

Kearsie said...

I only text Winn and my husband. With Winn it's usually something inane with the word FANCY thrown in. With my Hubs it's usually racy. Rawr.