Monday, June 14, 2010

It's hot, that's not a pen, and that's no place for water.

The weekend. She was hot.

Like 96 degrees and 358 degree heat index.

Major. Hot.

The Captain, Cooper and I went to the St. Jude Classic golf tourny Saturday morning. We had a good time. Until we all melted.

(Jordan opted to skip the tourny and sleep til noon in her air conditioned room.)

Besides seeing all the professional golfers up close and personal, the highlight of our little golf outing was when we were sitting at the first tee and Cooper grabbed *something* out of my purse (Let's just say it wasn't a pen, or lipstick, or such item) and held it up and waved it around and said "What's this? And why did you bring it to the golf tournament?" Alrighty then.

The rest of the weekend featured more of my favorite things including reading, napping, and watching college baseball.

Another teeny tiny moment of weekend panic happened yesterday afternoon was when I was laying on my bed doing all three of those above mentioned favorite activities and I heard water running down the inside of the wall. Hmmmm. Well, that didn't sound right. Sure enough, the brand new $725,194 air conditioner furnace thing upstairs in the attic was leaking water everywhere and it had filled up the pan thing and overflowed to the pipe thing and was overflowing to the other pipe thing outside. The Air Conditioner Fixer Man came over and fixed it. Some pipe drainy thing was blocked by some other thing. Thank goodness. I would have had my second melt down of the weekend.

I know you are all so jealous of my exciting weekends.

In the meantime, it's still hot. Hydrate people. And have a good day.

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JuJu said...

Oh Cooper. Bless you and your antics.