Friday, July 9, 2010

Daughter boarding. Mom bawling.

OK people. I'll just cut to the chase.

Yes, I cried.

Actually I cried before we even left the house.

I cried when Cooper was hugging Jordan goodbye and said, "I'm hugging the nervous out of you and hugging my love into you." Awwwwwww.....

Then we drove to Little Rock. We got her all checked in (a few extra hoops to jump through and fees to pay since she is an "unaccompanied minor".). We put her on the plane.

I held it together until she walked down the jetway. And she turned around and smiled and waved and said, "Bye! I love you!" And they shut the door.

And then I cried.

Then she was off.....

And I cried some more.

And I made the Captain walk down all the gates so we could watch her plane as it taxied down the runway. Allll the windows. At alllll the gates. We lost view of it right after it took off.

And I cried some more.

But I dried it up before we even made it to the parking lot.

Aren't you proud?

Then we started the drive home.

And I talked about how I'm apparently allergic to childhood physical, emotional, social and mental positive growth development.

It makes my eyes water immensely. And it makes my heart feel all funny.

I started talking about how old the kids are and how old my neice and nephew are and "soon they'll be in college and married and gone and...."

And the Captain started pointing out the pretty rice fields to try to shut me up and make me quit caterwauling take my mind off my unhealthy mommy hang-ups small moment of emotional weepiness.

And I know him well enough to know he was thinking, "Man, I wish I had never asked her out on that second date...."

But he is a sweet Captain. And instead he said, "That's a nice rice field. Hey look! Soybeans!"

On a lighter note, our road trip featured this....big matching set of all kinds of yellow motorcycle stuff.....
(I showed Cooper that picture when I got home and he said, "Oh cool. It's a motorcycle with a trunk attached.")

So back to the "Jordan on a Plane" story....Around the time she was expected to land, I checked the ol' iPhone to see what was going on.

It said her flight had "landed and was taxiing to terminal".

That's when I started saying over and over "Hooray! Hooray! Landed and taxiing! Landed and taxiing! Landed and taxiing".

The Captain kept driving. And really didn't turn his head toward me.

Then I realized I had looked at it wrong and it was her ORIGINATING flight that had landed and taxied.

Awwwww man.

"I must retract the landing and taxiing."

The Captain kept driving. And really didn't turn his head toward me.

He just pointed out a crop-duster plane.

But it wasn't long before she really did land. And taxi.

She actually landed in Houston before we even made it back to Memphis.

She is going to have a great time this weekend.

Her summer fun kind of goes down hill from here. She has daily volleyball practice, oral surgery to remove four teeth, summer reading, and braces to look forward to before school starts. Good thing she has lived it up so far.

So back to work for me today. Been a long week to only have to work three days. But now it's the weekend. HOLLA!

Peace out my people.

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JuJu said...

I'm not sure who had the bigger growth experience yesterday, you or Jordan...

I know you will be so thrilled to pick her up at the airport and will probably cry again when she gets off that plane! :-)

MOM said...

And before you know it, you will be me and she will be you and then you can do nights with Nanny - oh my------