Thursday, July 8, 2010

She's leaving...on a jet plane

Today Jordan is leaving on another trip.

Yes, her summer thus far has been wash, rinse, repeat repack.

She is going to Houston to see the Captain's sister.

Remember when she got married last year?

And all the preparation that went with that big event?

And then the tales of puke, panties, and precipitation?

Anyhoo, Jordan is flying to Houston today for a long weekend.

Did you hear what I said?

I said Jordan is FLYING to Houston today for a long weekend.


As in I am putting her on an airplane all by herself and sending her to Houston.

And I may or may not be having a teeny tiny problem with it.

Not a problem with "the long weekend in Houston" part.

A problem with the "putting her on an airplane all by herself" part.


And since it saved $602,199 to fly her out of Little Rock, the Captain and I are taking a little road trip to Little Rock today.

And we'll like it so much, we'll drive back on Sunday to pick her up.

So, if you see a woman bawling her eyes out in the Little Rock airport, or somewhere on I-40, it might be me.


And I'm pretty sure the Captain will turn on Johnny Cash CD's to drown out my tears.

And we all know there is NOTHING about a Johnny Cash music marathon that calms me down.

It's gonna' be a rough day people.

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JuJu said...

Oh, but what an adventure for Jordan!! You've raised a great kid, she will be fine!!

Now, mama on the other hand....

This calls for banana splits and a dose of Cooper humor.

Just Mom said...

Be strong. (I say as I get weepy thinking about the day I'll have to do that for my son.)

w said...

i'll cry for you. so you can have a great time.

i know. i'm such a great friend.