Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A really long post about the weekend

A recap from our trip to Houston last weekend for the Captain's sister's wedding.....

From the "It's Never Just a Burp Department"......Cooper must have just eaten too much rich wedding food at the reception and somewhere between Diboll and Lufkin asked for a "throw up bag". That is never a good sign. Just sayin'. He then looked at me and said "Maybe it's just a buhp." Let me just tell you.....it wasn't. And in case you were wondering, yes, I can catch throw-up in a Target bag in a vehicle moving 85 mph. Thank you very much.

From the "Bad Case of Static Cling Department".....About eight hours after the Captain got dressed Saturday morning he said that he felt something in his shirt. He said he thought he knew what it was, but was afraid to pull it out. He reached in his undershirt and pulled out a pair of my panties. Yes he did. They apparently got all tangled up with the undershirt in the laundry, got folded and put away in the drawer, got packed, got put on, and got worn during the wedding and in all of the wedding pictures. He even took off his tux after the wedding and changed clothes for that night's drive. But didn't feel it until we were in Nacogdoches. And I'm sure there are a million jokes here, but I'm not even going there. Nope.

From the "Mom, Turn Down Your iPod Department".... Cooper asked what a "psychic" was. I proceeded to tell him it was somebody who can read your mind, or tell the future or something like that. And had just started into the "but we really don't believe in things like that" line, when the Captain jerked my ear buds out of my ear and I hear Jordan saying things like "It's a friend, a pal, a buddy....". Aaahhhhh, that's when I realized he said "What's a sidekick?"

From the "Are We There Yet Department"
.... In case you are wondering, Houston is NOWHERE near Memphis. We drove a total of 1,265 miles over a 70 hour period. However, I can honestly say my kids never once asked how much longer. We spent a LOT of time in the car this weekend and they were real troopers. They never murmured or complained. Seriously.

From the "Do You Really Have to Go or Can You Wait a Few More Miles Department".... The Captain stopped three times for a total of 23 minutes during the first seven hours of our drive. We have all learned to go to the bathroom in the amount of time it takes to fill up the truck. And yes, I will admit that I have unbuttoned my jeans while still in the car and jumped out of a slightly moving vehicle just to give me a few extra precious seconds in the bathroom.

From the "There's Been a Thunderstorm in Texarkana Department" .... I received a voice mail on my cell phone (which I didn't get until right before we got to the hotel because there really is no consistent cell service in the states of Texas or Arkansas.) "This is the Blah Blah Hotel and you have a reservation with us for tonight for a room with two queen beds. Our hotel has been struck by lightening. It has messed up our elevator and the A/C in some of the rooms. We have moved you to a king studio with a king bed and a pull out." Seriously?!? The hotel was struck by lightening?!?! The good news here was the Captain and I got a KING SIZED BED! Can I have an amen people!?!?!? The also good news is our room on that last night of our trek was larger than most. And at that point during our trip, we all welcomed the extra space. Don't get me wrong, we love being together as a family, but we had sure spent a lot of cozy time together. So the larger room was sah-weeeet. And yes, it continued to pour rain that whole night and most of the day Sunday. During our drive home. Across the entire state of Arkansas where there is no scenery and nothing really to look at.

From the "It's a Little Much for a Gas Station in Nowhereville, Texas Department"....Wish you could have seen Jordan, who had put on shorts and a tshirt, but was still sporting her very stylish up-do from the wedding, and a little more make up than usual, when we stopped to get gas and a drink. She was really getting some looks.

Here are a few photos from the wedding. I really wish I could show you my beautiful daughter (who the photographer thought was 18) and my handsome son (who wanted to keep the tuxedo and wear it to church), but you know the drill about pictures of my kids on my blog. So just take a look at these instead.....
The wedding was just perfect. And our weekend was great. But I sure don't want to get back in the car any time soon.

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