Saturday, July 10, 2010


The weekly Twitter review. This may be the last time I do this. Because you already follow me on Twitter. Don't you? Just thinking of changing the Saturday post up a little. Anyhoo....for now, just read my week. On Twitter.

It's a John Wayne movie marathon. Joy. {cue sarcasm}

Heading back to work after what feels like a 57 day weekend

Just locked myself out of the house. Brilliant.

Dear Daughter: Two words for you....Summer. Reading.

Driving to Little Rock to put The Girl on a plane to Houston. By herself. I will be experiencing some "issues" today

There are a lot of extra steps involved when you put an unaccompanied minor on a plane

Blah blah blah LeBron blah blah blah

I make my kids call me Lady Ma-Ma

Dear Linen Pants: I love you. But why do I even bother ironing you?

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

Cameron and Rachel said...

Yes that is sweet little Ally! I have a picture somewhere of her and Cooper in the Red Fish room....Oh how these babies grown up so fast!

Just Mom said...

Your last Twitter post! I'm going to have to follow you on Twitter now...!

Just Mom said...

btw ... "Blah blah blah LeBron blah blah blah" was totally how I felt all week. LOL!

Steve said...

Yes, I do follow you on Twitter. But sometimes I may miss a tweet. Gasp! But yes, it happens. So I always appreciate the recap. Just in case.