Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tweetie Tweet Tweet

These things I know: It was a very prolific week on Twitter. It is hot outside. The end.

Sewing and cooking and doing laundry. I feel like Ma Ingalls. Maybe I'll churn some butter later.

PS - I use the term "sewing" lightly. I'm just doing a little repair work.

Class schedules hit the mailbox today. I think The Girl's cell phone and Facebook page are going to explode.

In other news, The Boy has rolled out biscuit dough in the shape of America.

If you touch the inside of a 400 degree oven, you will burn your hand. This safety message brought to you by @angie128

For those keeping score at home, I woke up once an hour last night. *Yawn*

I guess @connie423 & I really do have the sister mojo thing. We just sent each other an email at the same time asking the same thing.

Volleyball. And yes I'm aware that it's after nine o'clock.

I know what it means to be "up", but what does it mean to be "at 'em"?

Five weeks until college football. The end.

No volleyball for me tonight. Instead I am sweating it out at a three hour football practice.

And I have just emailed myself. Dork.

Anybody want to go in on a group gift for Chelsea Clinton?

Just drove up to the bank drive thru window to pick up daughter's pain med prescription. Idiot.

Get all the facts before you spout your mouth off. Thank you

I always feel so bad waking somebody up to give them their pain meds.

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