Friday, July 30, 2010

Teeth, Treats, and Tickets

Well, first things first. Jordan did great. And they didn't even have to put her under. I was glad for that. She spent most of the afternoon with ice packs on her chipmunk jaws and wiping bloody drool off her lips. She felt well enough to be mad that I wouldn't take her to the last night of the volleyball tournament. Seriously. You just had four teeth pulled out of your head and you are cracked out on narcotics and you want to go to the volleyball tournament. Yeah right.

I went by a "frozen treat establishment" to get her some milkshakes. Since I was going to want to have some too she was going to be recovering over the next few days, I bought four large milkshakes. And the gal at the window proceeded to hand them to me one. at. a. time. Seriously. Ummm. I am in the car here all by myself. I need a carrier holder thing. Oh - and would it be too much to PUT LIDS ON THEM??? Sixteen dollars worth of milkshakes. Most worthy of lids. And a carrier holder thing.

The incident at the "frozen treat establishment" had me so rattled, that I ended up going to the bank drive through instead of the pharmacy drive through to pick up Jordan's prescription. Pretty sure they don't have narcotics at the bank. Hello teller ladies. Just passing through. I seem to have a poor track record with drive thru windows.

Now from the I Drew the Short Straw Department I Am So Lucky Department ... guess where I am going tomorrow night? I am going to the Justin Bieber (Beiber?) concert. Be very jealous. Anyway, I am the "chaperone" for Jordan and her friend. My mother-in-law gave Jordan the tickets for her birthday. Wow thanks. I think SHE should be the one taking her. Anyway.... we had a little snag with the tickets because my MIL kind of....let's see, how can I put this..... she .... THREW THE TICKETS AWAY. Yes, she threw away the Justin Bieber (Beiber?) tickets. She thought the little unidentifiable envelope was trash. Oh well. It's handled now (I think....) But I do have 36 hours to find some ear plugs.

Both kids are spending the night at my mom's tonight and I'm spending the night at home. Alone. With the Captain. And I'm sure all our grand plans will end up out the window after we fall asleep at 8:15 pm.

It's been an exhausting week. Emotionally and physically. I'm ready to show it to the door.

Have a nice weekend my lovelies. Hope you can rest and recharge.

I'll see you tomorrow night at the Justin Bieber (Beiber?) show. I'll be the one in the cardigan. It's what I wear to all my concerts.

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connie said...

I would have gladly taken some of the said narcotics while I finished out that tournament...I have Bleacher Butt...
And...please recall you and I had a BLAST at the Hannah Montanna/Jonas Brothers concert (JOE!!! JOE!!! OVER HERE!!!EEEEEK!!!)...wait...did we take the girls with us???...

JuJu said...

Oh NOOOOOOO. Justin Bieber? does Jordan have Bieber Fever? I feel for you. I really do. One year I took Taylor to see the American Idols in concert.

glad to hear Jordan is doing well after her surgery. enjoy your date with the Captain!

Steve said...

TobyMac in early July, and now Justin Beiber-Bieber at the end of the month? Those are pretty good bookends! Except I would skip Justin and watch a Hee-Haw rerun instead. Corn is corn, after all.