Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red alert

My anxiety level is running very high this week and my heart is on overdrive.

The 19 year old daughter of one of my physicians was killed in a car accident yesterday. She had just left her home and was returning to college. They are simply a good family. My heart is heavy with sadness. Please pray for Dr. David L. and his family.

Jordan is having oral surgery today to remove four teeth which is her first step in the Wonderful World of Braces. I'm just ready to get it over with. And I know she is too. I'm having teeeny issues with the anesthesia. Cooper had a pretty bad experience with some surgery when he was a wee one and that is weighing on my mind. I guess our afternoon will be full of ice packs and milkshakes.

And case you didn't know, the creature known as The Teenage Girl is a very mysterious and often volatile being. Because apparently if your volleyball spandex are a size too large, the world is coming to a fast and violent end. Also, apparently missing just one out of 26,209 social events is a catastrophe. Blah.

No news that I'm already fretting over the "getting everybody where they are supposed to be for games and practices every day for the next four months" schedule. A bit exhausted from it this week...and this was one of the "easiest". If you can call sitting in a gym watching a volleyball game at 10pm "easy".

Connie and I were talking about how we are going to make it all happen. And the sisterly convo went something like this....
Connie: This gives me hives.
Me: I need a nerve pill.

Connie: If you take a pill, you can't drive anybody anywhere.
Me: Bingo.
Connie: Wimp.

But Cooper has made it through two of his first nights of football camp. And so did his overprotective smothering mother hen. He did say he felt like he was in jail or military camp. I told him I was proud of the way he stood and listened to the coaches and didn't talk or cut up like some of the other boys. He said, "Well the only reason I did that was because I didn't want to run laps or do push-ups." Well, not really the reason I am teaching my kids to respect adults, but ok. And do I need to remind you that the heat is just brutal?

And no, we haven't made the first step toward getting our school stuff. Which adds about 75 points to my anxiety level. And that's stupid. But I can't help it. I fret. It's what I do.

My emotions and heart and angst and all of that are just a big ol' tangled upset mess right now. Let's throw in some hormones for good measure, want to? Grrrrrrrr.

Tiny prayer for Jordan today ok? But a HUGE prayer for Dr. L. Thank you. And it would probably be in your best interest to just avoid me altogether.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

No way am I avoiding you. I am sending you good vibes, love and hugs from SC.

Let us know when Jordan is out of surgery and home safe and snug. I can't help you with that teenage girl stuff, but to say, Oh girl, I feel ya.

We'll be praying for Dr. L, Jordan, and always for Nick. xxx

Cameron and Rachel said...

Oh Cooper! Cameron can relate to him on listening so you don't do extra push-ups or laps. They ran 6 miles yesterday in this heat..Boo for him!

I remember Cooper's little scare and will never forget hearing about it. I know Jordan will be just fine this morning, the after part I will pray for you..ha!

Give her a hug for me and here's one for you too ((((HUGS))))

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

Oh Angie... I'm so sorry for Dr. L. and his family...

Prayers for you, Dr. L., Jordan and Nick.

I can relate to the anxiety and fret thing. It's what I do, too ;)