Friday, August 13, 2010

Farewell Summer

For all practical purposes, today is the last day of summer. Blah.

Cooper starts back to school on Monday. Jordan starts Tuesday.

Let's take a little look-back at Summer 2010...

It was HOT. It was very, VERY hot. It was MAGMA hot. In fact, it's STILL HOT. It's been "Send Hate Mail to the Weatherman" Hot. I know. Whiny whiny whiny. But good grief. (I just heard The Weatherman call 97 and 95 degree days next week a "cooling trend". Ri.Dic.U.Lous.)

For Jordan, it was the summer of youth group stuff, sleeping late, volleyball practice, and oodles of dental work.

For Cooper, the summer brought lots of SpongeBob, Phineas & Ferb, fort-building, car-playing, and magic show obsessing.

It was the summer of the smoothie.

And the TV show Bones. (Props to Connie!)

It had its share of tragedy and sadness. But we covered that yesterday and I'm not going back there today.

I did a lot of driving. If there were a Mom badge for Kid Carting, I have earned it. In spades. Connie and I managed to coordinate drop off and pick up schedules for four kids with church stuff, volleyball practices and football practices and other miscellaneous social events. Multiple kids. Multiple locations. Excel spreadsheets and highlighters involved. But we managed. {HIGH FIVE}

It was also the Summer of the Cash Outflow. A new air conditioner. Jordan's oral surgery and braces. Lots of youth group camps. Her trip to Houston. And of course the final whammy with the purchase of school supplies and uniforms. Cha-$$$-Ching.

And now, Summer 2010 is coming to a close. It was (kind of) lazy. It was (definitely) crazy. But it's riding off into the (HOT) sunset....

Goodbye Summer. You served us well. See you next year.

Double check your school supplies this weekend people. School bell rings next week!

Hydrate and have a good weekend. Muuuuuuah!

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connie said...

Don't get too excited about our wonderful success at Kid Transport...I just sent you an email about next week's schedule....grrrrr...

Just Mom said...

Back-to-school is always bittersweet. Of course, life can be bittersweet too. But that makes me appreciate the sweet moments even more.

Have a fantastic school year.