Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yep, it's Twitter

Now time for the fabulous Twitter recap. You know you love it.


More volleyball. No air in gym. Lovely.

Our 12 hours of volleyball are now complete. It was a fun, but long and rear-numbing day. Proud of our girls. Heading back to Memphis.

Driving somewhere to pick somebody up. It's what I do.

Dear Weatherman: I'm sick of your big blue H.

My white lab has blue yogurt on his chest. I'm scared to delve into this one.

Son just told daughter: "Sometimes I wish I could mute you."

Son just mentioned something about his "twin cousin". Huh??

Tired of hearing the weatherman use the words "One Hundred".

I have decided I'm not overweight. I'm just experiencing long-term, excessive swelling.

Don't be a gooberhead.

We interrupt this tweeting to being you an important announcement: My Daughter finished her summer reading today.

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