Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Maybe, Maybe Not

These things may or may not have happened in the last few days.....

I dropped a lava lamp on the kitchen floor. I highly, HIGHLY recommend your not doing this. It was a mess. Really. Glass. Goo. Lava. Liquid. Erg.

When the waiter said "Margarita?" to my teetotaler, deaf in one ear Mom whose mother's name was Marguerite, she sweetly smiled at him and said, "Oh yes."

In an attempt to take the short cut across the edge of the football field while I was dropping Cooper off (between Jordan's volleyball game and Coop's meet the teacher night), I ran right though the sloppy mud where the boys water drinky hose thing was. In my flip flops. Mud. Covered my feet. And was all major squishy between my toes. Blah. I went to the girls gym and climbed up on the counter in the bathroom to wash my feet in the sink. Before I drove back across town to meet the teach. Hi, nice to meet you. Excuse my muddy feet.

I didn't drive anybody anywhere on Saturday. Nobody. Nowhere. I almost didn't know how to handle it. But I managed.

Annnnd here we are. Monday again. Another week. Another volleyballfootballdrivedrivedrive kind of week.

Peace out people. Have a super duper day.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

mom said...

usually a waiter asks if he can get you something from the bar, not do you want a margarita. I didn't hear but part of the word and I am sitting there trying to figure out how he knew my mother's name was Marguerite. It brought on laughter, which we all needed at that time, after just buring my aunt.

JuJu said...

I just hope she drank that margarita after all that.

God bless Marguerite and the margarita!

mom said...

I ordered water.