Saturday, August 7, 2010

The week. It tweets.

Seems like an underlying theme for my tweets this week was the heat. You wanna' know why? CAUSE IT WAS STINKING HOT. That's why. Sorry, I'm cranky when I'm hot.....Where was I? Oh, the Twitter review. OK. Without further ado......

Going to memorial svc for my MD boss's 20 yr old daughter who was killed in a car accident. I am not looking forward to that. Heavy heart.

Later I am taking daughter and friend to the Justin Bieber concert. Not really looking too forward to that either.

What does a 40-something woman wear to the Justin Bieber concert? Besides ear plugs...

Concert over. Ears ringing.

I shot the sheriff. But I did not shoot the deputy.

Seriously? Current heat index 117?!?!

Dear Weatherman: Please quit using the words "One Hundred". Thank you.

Heat index of 96 degrees at 6:00 AM ?!?!?

It's 10am....and the heat index is already 110 degrees.

Reminding @connie423 how brilliant her sister is.

I really do not understand the word "Gubernatorial". Especially since it's like "goober".

The Boy has been watching those freaky magic shows all day. He is now trying to make the dog disappear.

High today in Memphis was 104. Ridiculous.

I have five donkey pinatas in my office.

And in other news, I just fell down the stairs.

Raise your hand if you are ready for college football.

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