Monday, October 18, 2010

Believe it. Or not.

These things may or may not have happened this weekend. Via numbered list.

1. Captain: "Say what you want, but I kind of like this Penguins of Madagascar show." Yes, it's a cartoon show about penguins. But they are kind of like little military SWAT penguins... so I guess that makes it ok. Maybe.

2. I was at the grocery, minding my own business, selecting some hamburger buns, when this random man said to me: "Lady, you smell good. What is that you're wearing?" Huh? And yes, his wife and daughter were standing right there. She probably beat him when they made it over to canned vegetables. AWKWARD....

3. The kids and I saw a man dressed up like a banana dancing on the side of the road.

4. Friday while we were at work, our neighbor trimmed all our shrubs and our trees. We're not sure if he was just doing a good deed or sick of seeing our overgrown yard and concerned about his own property value.

5. I spilled some red fingernail polish in the middle of my bathroom. Yes on the carpet. I have just been leaving piles of clothes and moving shoes on top of it so the Captain won't notice.

6. Cooper has decided he wants to work in a Nerf factory and make Nerf guns. This is quite an improvement in his career choices which have included garbage man, pizza delivery person, person at the bank in charge of the drive through tubey thing, and a roll thrower at Lamberts.

7. I am NOT going to talk about the Hog loss on Saturday.

That about sums it up.

Headed to the orthodontist this morning. Hopefully Jordan is getting her top braces.

Happy Monday people. Make it a good day!

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