Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Want to play?

Do you watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Have you seen the Question Game?

Did you know you can play that anywhere, anytime?

Would you believe that I love to play it all the time?

You do?

You still don't understand how it works?

Want an example?

Now do you get it?

Need another example?

Does this drive you crazy?

Are you surprised if I tell you sometimes people do not even want to do this with me?

Guess who likes to play this with me?

Give up?

Did you guess Connie and the Captain?

Is it bragging if I say the three of us are pretty good at it?

Are you easily wowed?

Want to watch us play sometime?

Are you ready for me to quit?

Is there ever really an end to this?

Are you going to have a nice day?

Are you still even reading this?

5 Wanna' ramble too?:

Momma Roar said...

Do you know how much I miss that show?!?!?!

Did you know I needed some laughs this morning?

You didn't?

Can I thank you for them?


JuJu said...

Did you know that we have the DVD of this show, complete with naughty outtakes?

Did you know that Colin makes me laugh until I need to pee?

Do you realize how much I love this post??

angie128 said...

Can y'all imagine how excited I was to read these comments?

Are we the only ones who are playing?

Anybody else out there?

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

Have you seen Drew Carey lately?

Don't you love them trying not to laugh?

Did you know that I count on you more than you may ever know?

Can I just thank you now?


Steve said...

Don't you just love when they do "Questionable Impressions"?

Did you ever see Colin's great line from Questionable Impressions? "Do you have anything for Craig T. Nelson?"

Do you know how much I laugh at that show? Can you imagine Laura just shaking her head?