Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twitty Twitty Bang Bang

Instead of sitting on the beach, getting a tan and reading a book like I was doing last Saturday, today I'm sitting on the couch, getting behind on laundry and watching a football game.

And in case you missed the live's a replay of some tweetie tweet tweets....

I want one of those play things the QBs wear on their arms for their plays. Would be great to keep up w/ kids' schedules, grocery lists...

I think I will make my kids call me Yo-Yo Ma-Ma.

Did the Captain really just say, "Hold on, I've got shrinky-dinks in the oven." ??

It's never good to confuse the AM and PM settings on your alarm clock.

Just called to pay my cable bill. Dialed pizza delivery number by mistake.

Doing lots of stuff.

My doggie is excited because I just spilled chicken broth on the kitchen floor.

And with that, the volleyball season is over

Back to work today after my trip to the beach. Wonder if anybody will notice I'm still wearing flip-flops.

This whole "Get up kids, it's back to school today after being off over a week" thing isn't going too well.

Watching the miner rescues. It's all pretty wow.

I want to go home and watch the miner rescues. Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!

Miner #21 has a wife AND a girlfriend? He was probably in noooo hurry to get out of there. "No, really, you go ahead...."

Why is it that every light bulb in the whole house goes out at the same time?

This week is apparently National Stay in Bed until the Very Last Minute Week. And I'm the only one in this house not celebrating.

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