Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's going on.

Cooper managed to get money from me, from the Captain, and from my MIL this week for the school book fair.

Let me tell you, that hard-conned money was well spent.

He has come home with....

....a poster about boogers.

....some glow in the dark bugs.

....erasers in the shape of space aliens.


Breaking news from the the I Must Be Allergic To Something Department....I'm glad nobody will notice the whelps under my eye anymore...they will be too busy looking at all the PEELING SKIN. Good grief....

Also, our first club volleyball parent meeting was last night. It was disguised as a "girls try on the jersey" meeting but it turned into a "write us a big, fat check" meeting. We got our tournament schedule and I'm excited to say there's a good chance we will be coming soon to a city near you! I hope we can get some of those cool tshirts they sell at concerts that have the dates and cities of the tour on the back....Volleyball Rocks 2011! Can you dig it?! OK, I'll quit with the volleyball humor.

Finally, did anybody else know that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK??? I must go get a turkey.

OK, that's it. And that's enough.

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JuJu said...

Oh, I do love a book fair.

and, we MUST see the booger poster!

Steve said...

We learned a valuable lesson with the book fair this week - Never give Jaylin any money to spend on his own. Ever. "You mean I was supposed to get a book at the book fair?"

angie128 said...

The key word in the BOOK Fair, is BOOK....

Anonymous said...

Just be glad that you were not scheduled for a photo shot for the church pictorial directory - with you eye situation. Hope it is better SOON!.
Love...AL & UN