Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mr. Quackers

The Bloggie Doggie has a toy that he loves.

Mr. Quackers.

Here is a picture of a brand new Mr. Quackers.

This was the first Mr. Quackers that the Bloggie Doggie got as a puppy.

Look how sweet and little the Bloggie Doggie is.

And look how....intact....and....colorful.....Mr. Quackers is.

And somebody must have been sick when I took this picture, because that's the only time I put sheets on my couch.

Anyway, behold the cuteness.

Fast forward a few years.

And lotsa' lovin'.

This is what Mr. Quackers looks like now...

He has no beak.
He has no head.
He has no wings.
He has no feet.

Maybe Santa can bring the Bloggie Doggie a new Mr. Quackers for Christmas. I need to put in a good word.

Speaking of Christmas.....How's your holiday to-do list coming along?



And amen.

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JuJu said...

Rockett likes these pig-dogs things we get from the grocery store. She has so many of them around the house.
I sure hope BD gets a new ducky for Christmas. I am sure she's been a good girl. Or, good boy?