Tuesday, December 7, 2010



1. Yesterday the Captain blew up a school bus as part of a training scenario. His days' activities always trump my days' activities.

2. Cooper opened a box that was delivered to the house last week. He thought it was a delivery of my facial cleanser. It did NOT contain my facial cleanser. It contained HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. He only saw a few things, but was still mortified. My kids are not ones to sneak around to find their gifts.

3. My company Christmas party was Saturday night. Lots of people wore very short, very tight, very tiny black dresses. I did not.

4. Cooper has a field trip today. At the Botanic Garden. To learn about birds. Last time I checked, birds lived outside. It's twenty-something degrees out there this morning. Must be a study on penguins. I forgot that I had signed up to go. It must have been a balmy 70-degree day when I agreed to do that.

5. Tigers play Kansas tonight. Big game. Huge. I'm experiencing a huge level of anxiety. For those of you who don't know the history between the Tigers and the Jayhawks, a little Google search on the 2008 National Championship game should bring you up to speed. Let's just say I still can't watch any video from that game. To this day.

6. This is the last week before exams which is also known as "cram as many tests and projects into one week as you possibly can". Jordan's week is nuts with all that. And some volleyball too. And it also involves making a cake (FROM SCRATCH) for an English project. I still haven't figured that one out.

7. That's all. I'm going to look at some birds. If I see a Jayhawk, I'm smackin' it.

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JuJu said...

As a Missouri gal through and through, I despise those Jayhawks as much as you do!! Always pull for TIGERS.

What is with the short tight black dress trend? I guess I'm just jealous. :-)