Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend. Numbered list style.

All of these things happened during our trip to Houston...

1. Our flight was cancelled on Thursday and we spent the night in Little Rock and flew out at 6am on Friday morning.

2. At the hotel, Cooper was obsessed with these...

3. And enthralled with this....

4. A crystal ball Christmas ornament I was carrying in my bag (a gift from my MIL to one of the Texas family peeps) got my bags searched.

5. The Captain's sister received her degree in culinary arts.

6. There was a nice graduation dinner at a schamancy restaurant.

7. After the server told us the specials, Cooper hollered at me across the table, "Did you hear THAT?!? That steak is FORTY-TWO NINETY-FIVE!!!!"

8. The Captain's chef sister did not cook for us over the weekend. Nor would she show off any of her knife skills.

9. The Captain's nurse sister made a delicious dinner for us on Saturday. And made some other yummy things for us throughout the weekend.

10. Cooper was sick after eating at the schamancy restaurant. Nothing like being awakened at 4:30 in the morning to the sound of puking.

11. I told him I thought he had a bout of food poisoning. He later told the Captain that, "Somebody poisoned his food."

12. Jordan brought all these with her...

13. There is an apparent price for beauty.

14. She also doesn't understand the phrase "travel size".

15. We went to church with the Captain's nurse sister and her husband. They were having a children's Christmas pageant. Little Mary tossed infant Jesus into the manger. Then, decided to prop him up a little so everybody could see him. That is when he decided to flip over the side of the manger. The whole church gasped. Thankfully, Little Joseph stepped up and saved the infant Jesus from cracking his head open on the stage.

16. I successfully managed to pack a Justin Beiber poster and a ceramic cross which both made it safely back to Memphis without damage.

17. The weekend was great. Really, REALLY a nice, NICE time. Well, except for the twelve hours of puking.

And now it's Christmas week! Say WOOOO-HOOOOO, people!

I'm home all week with my kids. I see wrapping, cooking, and Wii-ing (is that a word?) in my future.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you all could be here! All except the "cranberries" LOL And a lil teensie disappointed that the real cranberries didnt make the cut...please post receipe! Can I have it pls grace kelly????