Saturday, January 15, 2011


Did you keep up with me this week on Twitter?

Of course you did.

I am not a fan of "it's your day to bring drinks and snacks for the whole team". Why can't each kid just bring their own stuff?

Dear Son: "Go get dressed for church." doesn't mean "Stand in your room stark nekkid and play your recorder."

Waitin' on the snow.

Snowman. Check.

Our snowman fell over.

Dear College Football: I miss you already.

Phone call from home. Apparently, the Captain thought the eggs were hard-boiled. Ummmm, nope.

I cleaned out my Tupperware cabinet. Be impressed.

Hope y'all will come visit me at the looney farm. Or at least send me a card.

I am freezing like an old mamaw.

Kissed the Captain goodbye and nearly blew my lip off. #staticelectricity

Guessing it's never a good thing when there is smoke coming out of the oven when you're cooking dinner.

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