Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's gonna' get ugly real quick.

Kids go back to school today.

Their almost three week break has felt like three months.

And now it's over and we are back to the regular ol' routine.

Waking up early. Going to bed early.

And by early, I don't mean 2am early like one particular teenage girl has been experiencing. During holidays, she turns into a newborn baby and gets her days and nights mixed up.

Uniforms, backpacks, homework.

Oh - and a lunchbox. I'm a teeny bit unprepared for that. How about leftover Christmas cookies and some cheese ball with crackers?

Back to carpool dropping off and picking up.

Volleyball back in full swing tonight. And Coop should have basketball starting up too.

I made it a full eight hours at work yesterday. Wearing pants that zip. And not eating every two hours.

So if I can do it, the kids can do it too.

Hopefully without anybody kicking and screaming.

Including me.

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Cameron and Rachel said...

I remember those days of turning into a newborn :)