Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Steer Clear.

If you don't care about college football or don't want to read my pouty, fit-pitching rant of a post, then just click on out of here and check back with me tomorrow.

So not only did I stay up until 11:30 last night --


I also watched the painfulest of painful Arkansas games.

Yeah, the one they LOST.

Because they couldn't HOLDONTOTHESTUPIDBALL.

Seriously. The Hogs dropped more balls than Times Square on New Year's Eve.

And after getting beat like a drum in the first half, they rallied in the second half. And there was a glimmer of a chance of a Hog win.

And then, with a minute left on the clock, blocked a punt and the win was in plain view. Unfortunately, the big ol' defensive lineman was NOT in plain view and he intercepted the ball at the 17 yard line. And that's when I put a blanket over my head and started crying like a baby.

I barely survived that game. The ups and downs and ups and downs and downs and downs of that game just about did me in. Seriously. Did me in. Like 'breathe in a paper bag' did me in.

The transcript of Tweets and texts between me and Connie and Bingmama goes something like this:


Oh mercy.





Just peed in my pants.

I'm a wreck.

Oh my dear biscuits and gravy.

And don't even get me started that five of the OSU players should not have even been playing. Hope they write a thank you note to the NCAA governing board today. Because we all know that it is truly effective discipline when you punish someone nine months after discovering their transgression. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Then dude gets up there on the podium and starts whining like a cry-baby cause his foot hurt. Wah wah wah. Oh shut up and go sell your Sugar Bowl ring for another tattoo. There goes my blood pressure again. Oh well. Cheaters never win. Except for last night. *sniff*

So, for those of you keeping score at home.....

My Hogs lost.

In ugly, rollercoaster, pass the blood pressure meds fashion.

And I only got four and a half hours of sleep.

So today I'm sporting big ol' bags under my eyes. Which go nicely with my pouty, mad, tired self.

Gonna' be an ugly day. In more ways than one.

Y'all just better hope that my Tigers win the basketball game tonight....

I'm going to take a nerve pill. And check eBay for a Sugar Bowl ring.

Peace out.

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