Monday, January 3, 2011

It's not a holiday without a trip to the ER

Cause somebody has broken something.

Like a shoulder blade.

Yep, my mom fell on New Year's Eve morning and broke her scapula. Scapula is fancy medical orthopedic talk for shoulder blade.

We spent a good part of the day in the ER and she was finally sent "home" -- also known as Connie's house since her guest bedroom is on the first floor -- with narcotics and a sling.

We just got Jordan OFF the pain meds.

Now we'll put Nanny ON the pain meds.

Somebody PASS the pain meds.

Even though it's Mom right side, she was still able to scoop up some dip at the annual New Year's Day Dipapalooza which was at Connie's house this year.

And yes, it featured no less than 26 packages of cream cheese.

We ate like little piggies, watched football, and played with our iPhones all day long.

It was bliss.

I'm headed back to work today and taking Mom with me for her ortho follow-up. Hoping they reconfirm what the ER told us and she won't need a pin which would require surgery.

Speaking of surgery, the Captain's grandmother is having surgery today to remove all the cancerous tumors in her abdomen. The plan is to remove a few organs while they are down there too. Hoping all that goes well -- she's 83 and weak from all the chemo. Plus, anytime they cut you open like they are fileting a fish, it's a bit tricky.

And I'm also taking Jordan to the orthodontist this afternoon. Great. About the time her mouth feels better from the oral surgery, let's tighten up those braces.

So if anybody else needs to be taken to any sort of medical facility today, please send me a text or leave a comment below and I'll arrange for the shuttle to pick you up.

Guess today kind of wraps the whole holiday thing all up. Kids don't go back to school until tomorrow. So they still have one day of heaven left. Today may be the first day I do no eat anything that contains cream cheese or has the word "ball" in it. And I'll be required to wear "real clothes" -- also known as no pajama pants, slippers and a hoodie -- all day long. Boo. And hiss.

Here's to the first Monday of the new year. Hope it's medically successful.

Peace out, people.

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JuJu said...

Oh, your poor mama! I hope she feels better soon. I'm sure the cream cheese had to help somewhat?

Here's hoping for NO more injuries and a good result for Mama Captain.

w said...

1. i missed you.
2. i bet you missed me, too.
3. i'm sorry about all the meds in the family. but look on the bright side. the bright side = meds.

26 pkgs of cream cheese would not have been pretty if i were there.

happy new year!