Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No title since this blog is G-rated

Cooper is gearing up for baseball.

He enjoys baseball a lot more than football. Thank goodness.

The coach is a former, real-live, college and minor league baseball player. And guess who is the assistant coach?? The Captain!!

At this point, I am uncertain if the Captain will be wearing baseball pants. But since this is a G-rated blog, I am not going to address that topic. (See also: Hubba Hubba)

They are serious about this training and practice and stuff.

Coop had to buy a 27 pound four pound medicine ball and practice throwing and catching. So he and the Captain did. In. The. Den.


I had flashbacks to another time there was a ball flying through the house.

I couldn't even watch any more. So I told them to be selective with what they broke. And I left the room to go watch Law & Order reruns and play Words with Friends.

They also bought some new baseball pants and socks and stuff. And when I say stuff, I mean some "protective equipment for boys"..... ummmm ..... Cooper was most proud of this "item". And put it on and was running around "knocking on himself" ... If you know what I mean. Somebody help me....

In other news, I got my car! It has drive out tags from Georgia. I'm a bit worried about that. Because now it adds some sort of new element to my prison sentence. Because I think once a crime crosses state lines, it becomes a federal offense. "Nobody knows....the trouble I've seen...."

But seriously (as if going to the federal pen isn't serious enough), I love the car. And it has lots of bells. And whistles. The Captain has discovered all the fancy stuff. And Cooper has accounted for all the cup holders. I just need to focus on the main buttons first: lights, wipers, radio. We'll work on the other stuff later.

OK, I had a great title for this post since we were talking about all sorts of things including the Captain's bootie and "protective equipment", but again, G-rated and I love Jesus. So it just is what it is.

Have a good day people. And play nice.

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JuJu said...

Cup holders and cups.

That's all I'm saying.