Friday, February 25, 2011

Unanimous Hubba

So the rain came to town.

And so did Jim Cantore. (See also Hubba Hubba)

Annnnnnnd, he tweeted me yesterday morning.

He put a tornado possibility map on his Twitter and I said, "Looks like Memphis is in the bullseye. Are you still coming to town?"

And then he said (Are you ready for this!!?!??!?), "Yup."

Which, as you know, means, "Hey I'm gonna' be busy chasing tornadoes and I know you've got that big meeting, so we can't have dinner tonight. But we'll get together next time I'm in town."

From his tweets, it looked like he spent most of the day down at the river. If he had not been way down there and we didn't have that big meeting we were getting ready for, Bingmama and I would have stalked him all day long like obsessive fans gone down there to meet him. And we would have shouted Hey Jim! Will you marry me?!? Even though we are both already married which is slightly problematic asked for an autograph and a photo op.

But we didn't get to. Which is very disappointing. So, I guess there's always next time.

And, lest you stayed up all night worrying about my presentation, it went great and my project was approved unanimously. Yahooie! And I need to give a special shout out to Bingmama who told me before I got up there that I had a big ol' piece of pepper in my teeth. Because that's what friends are for and all...

OK people. If you need me this weekend, I'll be in Huntsville at a you know what.

So have a good weekend. Hope you get all your laundry done.

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JuJu said...

Man, if it hadn't been for nature and presentations, the two of you could have shared some mushrooms and tea. Oh wait, you hate both of those...

Bingmama rocks.

Have a great weekend!